Gonzalo Somoza

After dedicating time to the business world, Gonzalo Somoza started working with his real passion in 2016: cooking. He took first prize at the Incitus Awards that year and, in 2017, opened Koh Lanta in A Coruña. His culinary proposals find inspiration in Asian street food stands with a mix of flavours from sweet and spicy to sour and bitter.

His cooking transmits the sensations Gonzalo himself felt while travelling in Thailand. At Koh Lanta, he takes guests to the Asian Southeast and invites them to savour the most delicious and stimulating dishes he’s tried during his Oriental travels.


Koh Lanta


World Sandwiches


Sunday, 2nd
From 4:00 to 4:45 p.m.

Would you like to participate in a Boucatise show cooking session?

Registration is free. Limited capacity.

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