Iván Domínguez

Iván Domínguez defines his cuisine as Atlantic, quite closely related to Nordic cuisine: simple preparations, evolving presentations and cooking techniques and close partnerships with local producers. If one thing stands out about Iván, that would be his search for harmonious flavours: a subtle and elegant style that highlights the ingredients with pride.

He began his career as a chef on Spanish Armed Forces ships 15 years ago. After training at the Fragas do Eume school, he managed prestigious kitchens like Casa Marcelo, with a Michelin star, Loxe Mareiro and Grupo Amicalia (Arallo Taberna, Ánima, Alabaster and Alborada, with a Michelin star). Now, he is beginning his most personal project in the city where he was born: A Coruña. The Atlantic Affiliation will be more present than ever.



Atlantic Sandwiches


Saturday 1st
From 2:30 to 3:15 p.m.

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